Gift giving is an art. It requires time to think, research, and ponder preferences of the people we want to surprise. We all want to hit that sweet spot and get it right. But beyond instant gratification, what about the long term: will this gift leave a desired lasting impression?.

Gifts are part of culture and social customs around the world. Diplomacy and international relations have been using the gift as a goodwill tool for centuries. In ancestral Chinese culture the gift symbolizes a well-bred education, whereas in Japan gifts are given at the start of summer and winter seasons to express gratitude for loved ones.

In the western world, one time of year stands out above all others for gift giving: Christmas. At Cinco Jotas we know how important it is to get it right. We like to create gift ideas that combine culinary excellence with style, decor and exclusivity.

There are three special gift items on the Cinco Jotas online store that stand out and are certain to win over those who value good taste and savoir faire.

One is the novel Cinco Jotas Tangram Box; a puzzle of Chinese origin in a brightly coloured box that holds six 80-g envelopes of ibérico ham, loin and presa, two linen napkins, a set of bamboo tongs and, of course, bamboo puzzle pieces to play tangram with and to arrange Cinco Jotas products on in a fun, and unexpected way. Who says you can’t play with your food?!.

Tangram Cinco Jotas

If there is one gift that speaks to the exclusive character of Cinco Jotas, it is the Limited Edition Grand Tour Cinco Jotas trunk. This spectacular luxury trunk contains a full bone-in Cinco Jotas acorn-fed 100% ibérico ham, a set of carving knives, a Lodivi folding ham stand, carving gloves, luxury tongs and a professional Cinco Jotas apron. The multi-functional trunk remains delightfully present long after the ham is gone: it can be used to store valuable objects, displayed as an elegant decoration, or even used for jet-setting trips around the world.

If that’s not enough to inspire you, why not try the exclusive All-In Cinco Jotas Ham Gift Box, an irresistible ham-filled toolkit with stunning finishes and alluring decor. Four compartments are filled with 26 envelopes of Cinco Jotas acorn-fed 100% ibérico ham, two packets of diced ham, a packet of Cinco Jotas bones ideal for soups and stews and a handy informational booklet.

Cinco Jotas All-In Cinco Jotas Ham Gift Box

Our online store brings you an array of ideas with all the flavour and elegance of Cinco Jotas. It comes with an added assurance of success: extraordinary gifts that will linger on in the minds of loved ones like an impeccably-aged fine wine.