Cabbage salad whit Ham
Cabbage salad whit Ham

Cabbage salad whit Ham


200g of CINCO JOTAS Iberian ham 

400g Cabbage or kale

1 Golden apple

½ Spring onion

20g Chopped chives

For the mayonnaise

40g Mayonnaise

10g cooked carrots

1ml Mustard

2tbsp Cream cheese

1ml Sherry vinegar

Salt (to taste)

For the mayonnaise

Place all the ingredients in a bowl: mayonnaise, cooked carrots, mustard, cream cheese, vinegar and salt. Mix them together in a blender until smooth. Strain and set aside.

For the mixture of ingredients

Cut the cabbage with a sharp knife into a very thin julienne. Add apple slices, julienned scallion and chopped chives. Cover the mixture with cold mayonnaise, mix well and place on a plate.

Final touches and presentation

Cover with slices of Cinco Jotas ham.