Thistle with almond sauce
Thistle with almond sauce

Thistle with almond sauce


200g CINCO JOTAS Iberian ham slices

For the thistle

500g Cleaned thistle 

For the salsa

40ml Thistle cooking water

10ml White wine

50g Olive Oil

15g Flour

15g Garlic

25g Slivered almonds

Parsley (to taste)

Salt (to taste)

For the thistle

Carefully clean and cut the thistle, stripping off all its fibers.

Place a saucepan with water and salt on the fire. Once it begins to boil, put in the chard and cook for 12 minutes. Cool. Put aside.

For the salsa

Place the oil and chopped garlic in a saucepan. Once it begins to brown add the flour until it dissolves in the oil. Add the thistle cooking water, stirring to create a smooth sauce. Add the almonds and the salt.

Final touches and presentation

Heat the sauce and place the thistle in it. Add the chopped parsley and the slices of Cinco Jotas Iberian ham. Serve.