Foodie consumers these days are more demanding than ever. Of course, they want something that tastes good, prepared in a sustainable way, and often with awareness of traceability and an understanding of the history or culture linked to brand. Increasingly, they also want the product to be healthy.

Cinco Jotas and its array of product lines, such as acorn-fed 100% ibérico shoulder ham, addresses these desires fully. Few foods can boast of achieving the culinary holy trinity: exceptional taste, health and sustainability.

Cinco Jotas healthy recipes

What makes our products so healthy? Ibérico ham is unique in that it provides a significant amount of protein, oleic acid, and an array of nutrients such as phosphorus, iron, zinc and critical vitamins such as B12 and B6.

How does this translate into healthy practices in the kitchen? Cinco Jotas products are the very best ally of fresh, seasonal foods. With a range of both simple and sometimes more complex recipes, nutrition is always at the forefront.

At Cinco Jotas we aim to simplify. That’s why we have created this balanced and varied menu that provides all the necessary nutrients while maximizing flavour. What’s more, each recipe follows the recommendations of the lauded Mediterranean Diet.

Cinco Jotas Healthy Menu

Amuse bouche: Grilled watermelon and melon cubes with Cinco Jotas ibérico ham

Starter: Grilled white asparagus with Cinco Jotas ibérico ham flakes and a touch of orange citrus

Main: Ibérico rice sautéed with Cinco Jotas

Dessert: Roasted red fruits with multi-textured yogurt

Who’s hungry now? Let's cook! (all recipes are for 4 people)

Cinco Jotas Watermelon and melon cubes roasted

Watermelon and melon cubes roasted with Cinco Jotas Iberian ham

- Ingredients:

  • 125 g watermelon
  • Mint leaves
  • 152 g melon
  • Cardamom powder
  • 6 g Cinco Jotas ham, sliced

- Preparation:

Cut the watermelon and melon into 3x3 cm cubes. Quickly cook all six sides of the melon pieces in a pan. Sprinkle cardamom on the melon and fresh mint on the watermelon.

- Final touches and presentation:

Place a slice of ham on each melon cube.

Cinco Jotas Grilled white asparagus, ham flakes and hints of orange citrus

Grilled white asparagus with Cinco Jotas ibérico ham flakes and hints of orange citrus

- Ingredients:

  • 400 g fresh white asparagus
  • Salt
  • 80 g Cinco Jotas ham, sliced
  • Chervil
  • For the orange emulsion:
  • 2 liquefied oranges with the skin on
    2 peeled oranges (remove segments without skin or membrane) and liquefied
    0.5 g xanthan
    50 g extra virgin olive oil

- Preparation:

Peel the orange with a vegetable peeler. Cut the strips into julienne, blanch them 3 times, and put aside.

Blend the oranges. Using only 150 grams from the resulting liquid, emulsify with olive oil and xanthan and set aside.

Peel the asparagus carefully and blanch in salt water for 2 minutes. Cut in halves and cool.

- Final touches and presentation:

Quickly grill the asparagus and place them on the orange emulsion, scattering Cinco Jotas ham flakes in between.

Finish with orange strips and chervil leaves.

Cinco Jotas sautéed rice

Sautéed rice with Cinco Jotas ham

- Ingredients:

  • 56 g diced Cinco Jotas ham
  • 340 g “bomba” rice from Calasparra
  • 100 g wild rice
  • 40 g diced avocado
  • 40 g diced mango
  • 40 g multi-coloured cherry tomatoes
  • 30 g chives
  • Chopped chives
  • Salt

- Preparation:

Sauté the ham fat in a wok or large skillet with the onion, rice, mango and cherry tomatoes.

Remove from the pan and add the avocado, the Cinco Jotas ibérico ham cubes and the chives. Mix well.

- Final touches and presentation:

Serve in a deep dish.

Cinco Jotas sautéed red fruits with multi-textured yogurt

Sautéed red fruits with multi-textured yogurt

- Ingredients:

  • 60 g raspberries
  • 84 g strawberries
  • 60 g blueberries
  • 80 g cherries
  • 120 g currant juice
  • Pink carnation petals
  • For the yogurt spheres:
  • Yogurt
  • For the yogurt crisps:
  • Yogurt

- Preparation:

For the yogurt crisps:
Stretch a thin layer of yogurt on an anti-stick sheet and allow to dehydrate at 60 ° C for two hours. Then set aside in an airtight place.

For the yogurt spheres:
Make the bath of alginate and water 12 hours before and set aside.
When the 12 hours has passed, add yogurt to the alginate bath with a 5 ml spoon. Leave in for 1.5 minutes and then transfer to a water bath to cool. If you wish to maintain the spheres, place in a milk bath.

For the fruits:
Sauté the fruits, placing them into a pan from hardest to softest as they cook.

- Final touches and presentation:

Display on a deep plate with the fruit interspersed with the yogurt spheres, yogurt crisps and carnation petals. Then, sprinkle with the currant juice.